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Meet Zen,

Meraki By Chitvvan is my journey with myself, recognising my inner abilities and my journey with Zen as my guide in my spiritual journey and discovering myself.

He had led me to discover my innate ability of interspecies communication and guided me to become a professionally certified Animal Communicator. With this  I am able to speak to animals and nature telepathically. In my more recent communications with him,  he wants me to share these experiences with all animal lovers.
I was then guided by the universe and felt the soul calling towards shamanic healing and started to practise Shamanism as a way of life this further made me grow in my spiritual journey, and I awakened the inner shaman healer within me.

I then took a short course on bach flower remedies from the Bach Centre in Uk and Zen encouraged me to become a Bach Flower remedies therapist for humans and animals.

Read on, and enjoy.  I will share my journey as it unfolds.

My experience with Animal communication

Many people believe animals don’t have a consciousness, but it has time and again been proven that animals do have conscious and the self awareness of protecting themselves, nurturing their infants, getting food, saving their own life. Some Animals even recognize themselves in the mirror. They have high level of empathy too within them. Animals too have thought processes, emotions and social connections that are as important to them as they are to us. Animals are more present in here and now, and don’t have an ego like us humans. They are much more rooted to nature and much more grounded to us. Watching animals my whole life and growing up with 3 pet dogs as a child and having pet dogs even after marriage I’ve always been touched by their bonds to us and been impressed at their unconditional love and empathy and extreme emotions. Life is very vivid to animals in many cases they know who they are they know their friends loved ones and who their rivals are and who don’t like them.

“ With An open heart & a quiet mind the truth is seen “ - Chitvvan Waraich


Happy Faces

She helped me to find my lost dog Darwin and within 24 hours provided me with the exact location that helped us to retrieve him back from a family who had kept him safe. She is using her gift for the betterment of animals and their humans good luck ✨

Anup Gupta

Chitvvan is excellent when it comes to finding Pets. She has helped me to locate my lost Siberian Husky.

Prashant Khanna

She is wonderfully talented & magically helped me heal my dog when his Vet gave up on him.

Col. Pramod Vyas

How you can reach us ?

If you are looking for help to heal your animal from bach flower remedies, animal communication, energy healing or would like a consultation for yourself for bach flower remedies for yourself or your pets, you can Reach us at +919873048069 or can message us on our Instagram page @merakibychitvvan or email at For Animal communications you can request for a telephonic consultation and session or via email session.

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