Who We Are

Meraki By Chitvvan is the story of 2 adamant animal and dog lovers Chitvvan Waraich & Manav Mukul who love their dogs Jerry & Zen like their own children.

It is a journey of 2 entrepreneurs who decided to put their heart and soul into providing services for pet owners like them who value their pets as an important member of their pack & family. ​

Hola! Meet the Founders

We Are Chitvvan & Manav !

Both the founders of Meraki have studied hospitality at Les Roches Switzerland and decided to carve their own niche and start their own set up driven by their passion and genuine love for pets.

Our Team

Synopsis of our Team !!

Chitvvan Waraich


A Healer & Animal Whisperer

Has done her schooling from  the Cheltenham Ladies College in the Uk, and went on to study hospitality & did  her diploma in hospitality from Les Roches, Switzerland.

Chitvvan is an individual driven by her faith to heal, and help others. Her love for nature & animals drove her to learn and practice alternative non invasive natural therapies & holistic healing and energy work.
She practices Shamanism and follows the shamanic part in her spiritual journey.

Manav Mukul

Dog Lover

Completed his IB from The British School, Delhi. The persuaded BBA in hospitality from Les Roches,  Switzerland. Has studied MBA in finance & hospitality from Glion, Switzerland.


( Official Cookie Taster, Furry Baby and Motivator)
Hooman Lover

I am the spoiled Siberian Husky  who runs around Chitvvan , and I am her confidence booster with a big appetite. I am the official taster of all the products that she makes and oh boy, do I love my job !! (I am not complaining). Meraki By Chitvvan  is my first job and going by the response that we’re getting, I am so happy, but a long way to go!


(Cookie Taster)

Don’t go by my size, even though being a small Yorkie is not easy, I am the next in management after Manav, Chitvvan and Zen I love to play around my bro Manav. – I get away with lot of cheesy stuff but love being the cookie taster for Meraki By Chitvvan Gourmet Pet Bakery

Ahaaan Mehra

( Social Media Management & Editing Intern )

I manage the social media For Meraki By Chitvvan and edit the posts. This is my first internship and I am loving being associated and interning in this furry love brand as I am an animal lover myself.

“Animals do talk to people who are willing to hear them out “ - Chitvvan Waraich

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