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How can Bach Flower Remedies help you?

Bach Flower Remedies (BFR) are flower essences preserved in brandy. With only 2-4 drops BFR in natural mineral water, there is no side affects, no over dozing, and it complements allopathic and other alternate healing modalities.

Dr. Edward Bach believed that physical symptoms emanate from emotional issues. By alleviating the underlying negative emotions, the physical symptoms also improve for both Humans and animals.

“Food nourishes the body, but flowers heal the soul” - Chitvvan Waraich

Bach Flower For Humans -

Bach flower for Hunans heal the root cause healing the emotional blockages first that manifest as physical ailments. It takes care of the emotional & mental well-being and is great to treat personality traits and work on your energy

Bach Flower Remedies For Animals -

Animals are sentient beings just like humans and Bach flower remedies work excellent to heal emotions and Behavior traits in Animals.

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