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Meraki By Chitvvan strongly believes in the power of self healing, and inter animal & human relation.

It is a non invasive holistic healing & wellness brand that focuses on humans but also their furry pets & some of the beneficial products too. Bach flower remedies are flower essences that work great for both animals & humans. We also deal in animal communication which bridges the gap between animals and humans. We stand for healing and flourishing as well as building relations between pets and their humans. If you also want your pet to be happy & stress free then you can freely contact us to take appointment for animal communication, healing or treat your pooches to one of our Gourmet Pet Bakery Products. Organic and healing Dog treats and bakery coming up soon too.

What exactly is Animal Communication or inter species telepathic communication ?

Animal communication or telepathy means communication through the transfer of thoughts and energy, it is a two way conversations using all your 5 senses, and intuitive gifts. Interspecies communication is a conversation with any animal plant via transfer of thoughts and feeling with anything that is conscious and gives out energy and has life force in it. All species around us are highly sentient and intelligent. It has been a sheer honour and a privilege for me to listen to the wisdom they impart. Animal communication is a great tool for understanding the animals better.

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Lost or Runaway pets

Many lost animals are found through the help of communicators. There are no guarantees! But if the pet is trying to return, communicators can help them find their way back.

Fostering or Adopting

Many people adopt or foster animals to support local shelters. Often, we get animals with many issues. We help you understand how to help them adjust and settle into their new environment, quickly and comfortably.

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Behaviour Issues

Animal communication for any behavioral issues in a dog of pup can be useful, and to help to restore habits like excessive barking, house training accidents, aggression, possessiveness etc.

Get to know your animal better

Many people adopt or foster animals to support local shelters. Often, we get animals with many issues. We help you understand how to help them adjust and settle into their new environment, quickly and comfortably.

Getting Closure

When our animal companions pass away and cross over the rainbow bridge, they leave such a void in our lives. There is so much you want to know and so much you want to say to them... Animal Communication can help you connect with those pet who have passed on, to get some closure.

Health Issues

Animal communication can help you care for your pet’s health issue better, get to know what your pet has to share about it’s health condition and how it can heal. Bach flower remedies are again used along with the communication in helping your animal heal and figure out its condition.

“Animal communication is not a superpower it is supernatural “ - Chitvvan Waraich

Introduction To Meraki By Chitvvan


Telepathy is the acquiring of information from another through their thoughts and feelings by psychic means. Just as some are born with natural talents such as – ability to sing, dance, paint or excel at a particular sport similarly some people are born with a natural ability to communicate telepathically. Telepathy means distant feeling and is a Greek word.

In addition to the reason of being frightened, neglect, abuse, in heat or have overwhelming desire to go out and explore their surroundings. There is also a not so obvious reason that I have found. Like us animals come into this realm of existence with a mission. Some refer to this as your life’s path. Not all animals have more than one mission but some do, therefore they have been known to leave because their life’s mission may be taking them to another direction.

Their soul separates from their physical body and makes its transition to the other side where they are met by loves ones and other animals that they knew while they were alive. During their time on the other side, they undergo a regeneration process that restores their life energy.

Yes! In fact o recommend that if you are leaving the house tell your pets where you are going and when will you be back. I have found that this makes them less stressed because they are informed about what is going on. I remember when I wasn’t a professional animal communicator my dog Zen communicates to an animal communicator to tell her to tell me that I should inform him when I go and be back as he gets anxious otherwise. The moment I started telling him out loud through my words and energy he knew and was much at ease.

Yes! They have the ability to experience a wide spectrum of feelings and emotions. They mourn, they get excited when you are back, they get sad when you leave, they get scared, they get anxious.

Yes, although it can be more difficult depending on the stage of transition they are in. .

Yes! They are sentient beings just like we are. They have consciousness, minds, hearts and souls.

Yes all species of animals have the ability to communicate telepathically and energetically. However the method they choose to communicate the information can be in the form of images words or feelings..

Yes, however it is imperative that contact with an animal that has wandered off be made as soon as possible in order to locate them. I use combination is map dowsing and aniaml communication to try locate lost pets.

It helps you establish a connection with the animal while looking and feeling the picture.

The names that often come up when referring to an animal communicator include, pet psychic, animal intuitive, animal whisperer, dog whisperer, Animal Medium.

Yes! Animal communication is one of my talents and spiritual gifts that I have been blessed with and have been fortunate to learn it professionally form a well known animal communicator mentor. I can talk to any species or plants. To find out the answer to your question try a consultation with me to know exactly if I can or not !

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