Animal Therapy

Normally we only think of therapy in the form of human intervention, bug surprisingly so Animals have the ability to help is manage and cope with difficult and unpleasant situations too. These animals are known as therapy or service animals and are specially trained to help & support us with our daily life.

How does it actually help us ? You might wonder!

From a mental perspective, animal therapy works on the bond that Animals & Humans already share. This bond helps us better by releasing endorphins, just as how we feel when we are with our loved one. Studies have shown that it can also help us reduce blood pressure and social anxiety and help people with their social skills. Some animals specially dogs are also trained to help the specially abled as well.

Animal therapy or just having a pet isn’t just significant to mental and emotional health and well-being it also helps in aiding physical abilities such as motor skills and helping those who are differently abled with daily tasks and movements as I have mentioned above. They are also known and are trained to help children with behavioural issues, even if you don’t try a service aniaml or a animal therapy trained pet and just a pet or dog it is known to bring compassion and kindness in the child very early on in life.

No short animal therapy can improve overall health & wellbeing. It can help people feel less depressed, lonely specially the elderly, less helpless and turn those feelings into happiness and improved self esteem and get unconditional love.

The most common therapy animals are dogs.
In India aniaml therapy is a fairly new concept but worry not there are still quite a few places and cities that provide this service and trained animal therapists.

To name a few is the Animal Angels Foundation in Dehradun, Uttrakhand, Gurgaon, Haryana, Chandigarh, Punjab.
Another place is the Manav Foundation who work with AAF.

These centre’s along with few others you can research online based on your city, aim to bring awareness about the pros of Animal therapy and having a pet. They remove stigmas and know that you are not alone !

In love & Light
Chitvvan Waraich

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