How Zen chose Me & Manav

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I always thought earlier that I and my hubby Manav chose Zen as our furry companion, but it is only recently I was made aware through other communication experiences that it was in fact Zen who chose us and not us choosing him.

There was a divide in the choice of furry-companion my husband wanted a St. Bernard first ans my heart was stuck on a husky as I have this adulation for wolf as a species and the wolf is my shamanic power animal as well. My husband agreed for a husky after seeding beautiful and adorable pictures of husky puppies that the breeder sent us.

Then I almost had put my heart in a female husky pup and was sure I wanted a female to be added as our third family member and part of our pack, but last minute my decision changed and the breeder sent Zen’s pictures a very happy playful video of him and I and my husband just got our hearts in our sleeves after seeing his video it was an instant connect. When my husband and I saw Zen for the first time at the breeder’s place we just couldn’t say no to add him to our pack.

There was something about Zen calling out to us and to be part of us. There was an instant bond and string connect I felt with him, ans we got Zen home. I was instantly suepr attached to him since the first day and wanted to do everything I could for his comfort and to be a great husky mom.

Later we found out had we not taken Zen the breeder would have put him to sleep as he was passing his selling age and would become a liability to the breeder than an asset.

It is now that I realise how Zen chose us and not us choosing him. Later I found out about the soul purpose for Zen coming to my life, and I am ever so grateful for him for choosing us.

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